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These beautiful sheets of paper are made from paper waste! Even beginners at this workshop get an "A4" effort!Located next to a print factory, this workshop by Print N Matters collects paper offcuts and lets you turn them into beautiful handcrafted sheets of paper.

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What does it take to Create Next?

Sustainability, Creativity and Individuality. Be bold, be daring, be yourself. Moving where inspiration takes us, we Create Next.

“I am constantly trying in my small ways to create a change in giving paper waste a new lease of life and how it can be made for our daily use.”

Marcus hopes to inspire a new generation of creatives to be experimental and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

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Things to do in Singapore this weekend with your loved ones. Join a paper making workshop


A local paper studio located beside a print factory in the East that teaches the art of paper making.


Upcycle your unwanted books or magazine with them and see it transform into handcrafted paper.